Monday, December 22, 2008

Wintery work.

Start of a continuation. I'm liking her more and more.
Pardon the bad lighting, I have very limited light sources.

I was so happy that this past weekend came around. Though part of the weekend was crappy due to family making me miserable (Saturday), yesterday turned out to be a perfect working day. Art day. Art is not work. I have to remember that. I keep on losing my vision of this since my day job is all about creating, and that is work with a capital, hard-ass "W". And the past week of day-jobness was exhausting. But Sunday was so nice. Music, art, and the company of kitties. The blistering snow storm outside didn't even phase me. Come evening time I went out to dig my yellow lemon out of the snow (that's the vehicle, it's yellow and a lemon in more ways than one), an hour and a half of wintery shoveling, to wake up today and see that I was plowed in. *Sigh* But with such a good day yesterday, I didn't care.

The view outside my window on Sunday.

When it's snowing like that I want to run out and hike through the woods. One day I'll get myself a pair of snow shoes that I've been pining for, grab my topo map and compass, and go get lost in the snow. One day, when I get those shoes.


  1. what a fantastic, stormy winter view. it almost looks like there's a deer standing just to the right of that pine tree on the left, doesn't it?

  2. Beautiful, I wish I got snow. I'm lucky if I see it one day out of the year.

    I love the piece, maybe its the bad lighting you talked about but I really like how it seems to fade out towards the bottom

  3. M: A family member mentioned the deer too, so I took a closer look. Oh the excitement over some dried up shrubbery! I love it. Had me going too!

    Albryno: Trade ya any day for some of that San Diego sun (well, maybe not just any day...)