Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jin Young Yu - Oh My!

A Family In Disguise

I've never really posted about another artist before, but Jin Young Yu's sculpture is absolutely amazing. I got a glimpse of her work on ArrestedMotion during their coverage of Art Basel and had to know more. Since then, I've spied images of her work on various blogs across the internet.

The figures are so ghostly and haunted looking, their emotions so masked and hidden yet at the same time readily apparent. From what I gathered in doing research on this Korean artist, her work is a commentary on the hypocrisy of today's society, who we really are and who we pretend to be while amongst other people. The masks we wear in front of our friends and relatives, yet at the same time not truly understanding who we are as individuals. I immediately identified with her work since it strikes close to home. In such a chaotic, media driven, materialistic society, it is very difficult to find one's soul and true purpose. The media drives us to not think for ourselves. It tells us what to wear, eat, how to act and behave, what medications to take, and how to live our lives, and even how to mourn, as at the very same time it is stripping us of our individuality. Though, it's very clever, because it leaves us with the belief that we are still thinking for ourselves.

So, in bloggy fashion, I'm posting both links to Jin Young Yu's blog and Union Gallery which is showcasing some of her work. Her blog is in Korean, but it's worth to take a look at all the images posted there.

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