Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my Oh my!

I've been so busy and so tired lately that I haven't even gotten a chance to sit and write up a post. Oh poo! Must get on it this weekend.

Must must must!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Libra, Virgo, and falling off the face of the planet.

Sketch for Libra
(Some revisions are necessary... not sure if that is quite
the way an owl lands, will need to do some research and then revise.)

Libra (closeup).

(ran out of room/paper...
will be finished after transfer).

Oh where, oh where did I go for so long? I fell off the face of the planet.

No, not true. Have not been feeling well ever since the massive cold I had, and have been taking it easy, which also included a break from going to the studio and a break from the internet, posting and emailing. But I have been trying to stay productive at home working on smaller things, which can still be a bit rough when you are not quite up to par.

I also parted with one of my favorite pieces, which I didn't want to. I guess that is the lot of any artist. You give birth to ideas, put lots of thought, work, love and whatnot into your creations, and eventually you must part with them. It was a mental battle to let this certain piece go, like a child leaving home forever. I actually wanted to hold onto it and not sell it, but . . . time to move on, let other ideas develop. Do other artists have problems with letting their work go off into the unknown?

Ah, the mental battles.

I battle myself all the time. I would love to make a living off the things I create, but I wonder how possible it is at times. I could be blatant and post my work all over the internet, telling people to buy, buy, buy. But that's not me. It's more important for me to just create and not lose sight of that. Though I guess it would be nice to just live off what I enjoy doing.

Time for a tea break, and then back to creating.