Friday, December 19, 2008

Into the sketchbook.

Meine Kamera ist kaputt. Well, not really, it's only that the battery has run down and I don't have a charger. The charger was removed from my checked backpack somewhere between O'hare and Bradley International last year during a random routine search, and never replaced. My camera was on me, but in exhaustion, at the last second I checked my backpack. When I got home and unzipped it I found one of those paper things stating that they had gone through my bag. I was not so much upset that they (they being an airport personnel of some sort), rummaged through my bag (I can understand the need for it nowadays), I was more upset that the battery charger was removed and not put back. Unfortunately, at the moment I can't replace it and have been borrowing one off and on. So, since no battery for the Kamerrra, today no photos. But, I went all out and got savvy outside of the day job, and used the scanner. Woo!

So, peek into my sketchbook. It's actually a very special thing, place, whatevermajiggy, where I sketch ideas, meditate, babble, paste things into, and so on. I have pages where I warm up my brain with doodles and sketches before I actually start drawing something. It's a lot meditative and a bit trance-like. I write, make lines. Warmups. Brain babbles.

One page and close-ups. After I scanned the page (the book wasn't laying flat - sorry), I became detached from all those doodles. I felt as if I was looking at someone else's stuff and got really fascinated looking at it up close in hi-res. So I thought the close-ups would be neato to show.

Oh, and please pardon any cat fuzzies you might see.


  1. I think being able to look back through your sketchbooks is one of the best parts of being an artist. I love when I finding a really old sketch book I had completely forgotten about, leafing through and becoming re-inspired by my own designs. Good stuff!!! By the way... love your blog!!