Friday, July 27, 2012


India ink on tea-stained paper with liquid gold highlights.

One more of the zodiacs that I completed over the winter. (I'm also using this for an IF post because it fits so perfectly for the topic "carry".) This one was snapped up immediately. Weirdly enough I find that people really identify with these zodiac pieces. (I wonder why?... Actually, no I don't wonder. Everyone has a zodiac, so it's pretty obvious. Goodness gracious, I better not start rambling.)

I find it really hard to catch the richness of the color and texture in a photo, not just for this piece but also for all my pieces. So I try all sorts of different angles, and it still doesn't quite work. But it does catch those metallic, gold highlights (maybe, I think?). Maybe processing the photos into web compatible files loses some of those details.

Anyway! Look! Look! The gold is all over the red cloak where the yellow shows!

And here it's in the headdress! (Sorry the photo's at an angle but I wanted to catch those shimmers.)

But (hoorah!) you can definitely see it in the water here!


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog Julita. I love your work! Great idea with the tea stained paper + gold treatment :)

  2. The colors are already so lovely. I can only imagine how much richer they can be. Beautiful.