Sunday, March 29, 2009


Spring (in progress)
The doodle is on the left, and I'm
not quite sure where this is all going yet.

My bad for not posting over a week, but at times life takes over and things have to be put on hold. Between moving things to the studio, packing things at home, getting taxes done, adjusting to earlier hours at the day job, and various other nonsense (Hulu), I needed to step away from some things and blogging was one of them. Well, it wasn't a conscious choice, it just fell by the wayside. On the other hand, I somehow managed to find the time to paint and draw. I think the studio played a large part in that. I'd find myself driving home from work, having planned out my night in advance (plans for packing, cleaning, etc.), only to change direction midway and head to the studio, only even if it was for a few hours. Having that quiet space, away from everything is amazing. It allows me to just focus.

The Etsy store is going to be up within the next four weeks. I've figured out what I'd like to have there. There'll be some giclees, some small originals that I've started work on, and I'm also prepping a serigraph, though that may not be available at first since that is last on the list of items for the store. Getting the tax return within a week of filing is helping get this idea moving quicker. Yey! I also have to order packing materials... It's all very exciting. Woo! Toot toot!

There is so much going on, and so many ideas. I still need to get back to working on my website, and all these ideas for larger pieces. I wish I had more time available. But it's okay. It's a crazy ride, but exciting and fun, with lots of scary twists and turns.

Oh, and regarding, the last post, some of you guessed what I drank and some didn't. It was the old Pepsi from that previous weekend. It had been standing in the sun for days. Yum.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pepsi and Leroy Anderson.

For your viewing pleasure, in a groovy, grainy, cellphone format (and larger size if you click on them), photos!

After hemming and hawing at Home Depot this past weekend, I acquired a lovely mini fridge for my studio. As a fridge-warming gift, my father presented me with two cans of Pepsi. I drank one on Sunday (Pepsi is a treat!), and today I popped open the other.

Completely engrossed in drawing, I picked up the can and took a big gulp. It slowly dawned on me that the Pepsi I was drinking was rather warm. 'Now why would that be? I had just removed it from of the fridge.'

Now imagine the realization creeping into my face as to what I drank.


Sunday, March 8, 2009


I'm floating in an ocean of chaos, trying to keep my head above water. It feels like there are walls crumbling, but as they crumble they pause in mid air and begin to rebuild, only to crumble again, a vicious cycle. The notice has come to move. I'd like to say more, but involves family and the dreaded "F" word that many people are experiencing across the country. Strangely though, that is not creating stress in my life. I feel as if it's a massive tide coming in, and I'm just floating along allowing it to take me where it goes. The day job is the real stress. There is too much BS there and I'm exhausted with them playing house. I'm dealing with a health issue and I feel as if I'm tied to two horses, one is the day job and the other is the doctor I'm dealing with. They both have their own agendas, fighting their own battles, and I'm stuck in the middle being torn apart. The doctor giving me BS only to create more BS where I work. I don't need that. It's wearing me thin. I'd like to think that both of their intentions are good, but the outcome is destructive.

So, for the first time in quite a few weeks, I'm off to create. I need it. It's the only thing that keeps me level and lets my mind rest. I haven't had much chance to go to the studio due to the winter hours I've had at work (can't wait to go back to a normal schedule so I can have more than just a Saturday and Sunday to exist). But, as I promised, here are some photos of the studio, taken on an overcast evening, so please ignore the rough quality. It's going to take a while to get all my studio things moved into the space, but just because everything isn't there, doesn't mean I can't create.

Oh, and I've finally gotten back to everyone's comments from the past few posts. Sometimes it takes me a while, but I appreciate and read everyone of them.