Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No picture. Not today. Nope.

No pic today. I haven't done a "no pic" post in a long time. So without further ado:

No picture! Ta Daaa!

So, thank you all for giving me a kick in the ass regarding that last post. I have to say, between emails, texts, Facebook messages, a few posts here, and contacts from out of the blue...

I hear YOU ALL. Loud and clear. I mean, my bum hurts. From your kicking! ;0D

(Oh look, an emoticon, on my blog, how'd that get here? How inappropriate!)

Well. The holidays have come and gone. I'm not sad to see them go. Preston is doing very well. He's had his million dollar treatment and now he has turned into a semi-calm, fluffy, ball of fuzz. The stress of my cat being sick really got me into a downer, and I fell into a puddle of stress and constant worry. As soon as that was over, some freelance work appeared out of nowhere, and that is where I have been all this time: worriedly busy, or busily worried (not sure what I'm trying to say here, but I hope I got it across).

I've also decided to quit my studio (that sounds very British "quit my studio"), or dispose of it, release it, etc. As spaces on my studio floor have been rented out, it's become much noisier, and I miss the quiet solitude of the building. It was so still and silent, that the air was almost heavy with it (but not quite). It was the perfect place to hunker down and work. My other reasons for quitting the place: it's absolutely freezing right now, and the electric heat does not warm a single molecule in that cavernous space, and over the summer, the heat killed my plants! One by one! That was more upsetting than anything else. I love plants!

I'm having a tough time concentrating right now. I brought my speakers home from the studio and hooked them up to the computer. Instead of causing pleasure to my eardrums, they're making mishy-mashy noise. They're picking up a radio signal, and as I'm trying to listen to Brian Eno while I'm typing this (you, know, trying to stay relaxed yet in the moment), I'm hearing Michael Jackson's slightly squeaky voice shouting out... Beat it. Just beat it. No one wants to be defeated...

It's really hard to focus. It really is.