Sunday, December 28, 2008

Into the vat.

Taking a dip. A touch of warmth. Wear and tear. Imperfection.

It's been a dubious day. Dubiosity has reigned quietly in the background for the past few days as I've been going along cleaning, creating and contemplating. I've felt dubiosity hanging out somewhere in the corner of the room, weighing down heavily. Every time I think I catch it staring at my back, I turn and it's not there. It's moved and lurking in another corner.

- Color study for Warship


Back to work.


  1. I'm new to your blog and after doing a bit of scrolling I'm finding out you were on the verge of throwing in the towell on art! I am so glad you didn't!! You have a distinct and inspirational style! I look forward to continued visits to your blog! The good news is that if you hit an artistic rock bottom the only place to go is up!!!

  2. 2008 was a trial for many. I agree with LadyRed. Your style is defined and impressive, keep it up! looking forward to more on your blog and creativity. C.S. Alexis

  3. Thank you both for the positive comments, they mean very much :)