Friday, January 23, 2009

Taaa Daaa!

Sketch for "Sisters"

So, a sneak peek at what I have recently begun working on. I've started this as the next color study for a possible larger piece. I do the studies to feel out if I will enjoy working on a larger, more time intensive piece. If I get bored, or it just doesn't work, I won't think about painting it.


So today I made a list of all the pieces I currently have in progress. Too many. I think it's because I walk away from them too much. But I have to. Limited time, since I work during the day. Mix that with all the other things one must do to get through the day and week, and time becomes limited. Because of this, there is a lot of walking away mid progress. Limited time, plus pockets of un-inspirational moments, equals lots of pieces of work laying around in an unfinished state. When I do feel inspired, I may feel inclined to work on only a certain one, so that's why there are so many. Why so many??? But, but, there are so many that are all very close to being finished. So close, that there is no reason for them to be laying around any longer. I need to stop jumping from one to the next. Do others work like this?

Gosh darn it!

It's much easier to figure things out once they are written down. I lose sight of this at times. I really need to slow down even moooorrrreeeee.

How much more can I slow down my life? Let me ponder that.


  1. Many time when I work on a project It gets tired and I have to let it rest and come back to it at a later time. I myself like to work on two, three or four pieces at a time as I find that I can finish multiples in little more time than a single piece. I do minimal sketching and I try to make production a process rather than a piecework effort.

    I also subscribe to a theory that I learned from Michael Marling, an artist an friend that is a full-time art professor, and that is to recycle, recycle, recycle successful images into new compositions rather than reinventing the wheel each time. It not only saves time but you become very familiar with the images. He was a printmaker and painter, thus his images are transfered back and forth between the mediums. Also, he taught me to learn techniques for transferring images such as solvent transfers and acrylic medium skins.
    Working and trying to do art is difficult and I find that you have to streamline your production process. The work that is unfinished is valuable in that at any stage it can be used in another work simply by transferring, copying or incorporating it.


  2. I like to work until I finish. Sometimes I work in phases so that I can finish one phase. I push myself hard when I am being creative.Thanks for becoming a follower. I will try to keep up with you also. Hi, There! C.S. Alexis

  3. I can't wait to see this one finished! :)

    Its very normal having a million projects on the go. I like to have a few going because then there is always something to do that inspires me.

    I am a musician, so although I never knuckle down on art projects, I find finishing songs hard work- because starting them is the inspired bit!!! (I have about 20 that need to be finished, looming over me. lol.)

  4. Brad: Your comments, even though I don't always get a chance to answer, are very appreciated. I feel like I learn something new every time we converse. I especially was touched by the last post you left (Fairey/Colbert). I read and reread it a bunch of times because there were so many wise things you said, and I had to take the time to soak them all in. Thank you! I also agree with what you stated above. You own your images, so there isn't a reason to not use them more than once. I find that, for whatever reason, I tend to reuse an image 2 to 3 times. It's part of an exploration process.

    C.S.: Thanks, I find your blog fascinating because you discuss your thought process. It's very interesting when you get peeks into the way other artists think. The funny thing is, as creative folk, I'm starting to realize that we're not that different at all.

    Nina: How did I miss that you are a musician?! For a long time, I myself was more into music and writing music when I was younger, but ended up making a decision about what to pursue, visual art, or music. I don't have any instruments anymore, and haven't written anything for a long time, but about two days ago, I was really craving a sit-down at a keyboard. What an odd world!