Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sharing something old, and updates.

Untitled, 1994
Oil on canvas.

At my father's house, in a shadowy area, hangs this painting. My first experimentation with oils, completed about 15 years ago as I was off to college. Most of it was painted with a rag since I had a true fascination about creating oddly "rubbed" textures. I also experimented with the halo, how it would be possible to get a true gold effect without using actual gold leaf, because it's expensive and time consuming. I actually have done true gold leaf (for my father's business) and in all honesty, even though the effect is beautiful, it is very time consuming and there really isn't any room for mistakes, because mistakes become very, very visible. Below is another photo of it where I put it on a chair so that I could take a clearer, un-shadowed photo. I also skewed the levels in Photoshop so that the rubbed areas and color would be more visible (the above photo is more true).

I think sharing old work is very important, it shows progression. Also, looking at your own work from the past, helps one see the improvement and strides that have been made, and raises flags on what needs to be worked on. It's also inspirational.

And updates! Did I say updates in my post title? Of course I did!

Well, it's snowing here and the roads are pretty rough. Rough to the point where I didn't make it very far on my way to work this morning. Slammed into a snowbank and got stuck going up a hill. That put a kibosh on my work day. During this bad economy every penny counts. So it all sucks big poopie that I didn't make it in. The truth is, not a single road around here was touched by a plow. Apparently they are waiting till the end of the day. Someone, at some townhall, is taking bets on how many people will end up in hospitals today due this anti-plowing thing. You know which town you are, ahem *cough cough* Westfield, MA.

But, on the other hand, this past weekend it was nose to the grind stone. I completed a few more pieces after I realized how much work is so close to being finished. But no sneak peaks till I take some proper photos. Definately by the weekend. I'll try anyway.

Also, good news for my father's friend "Jay". He was taken off life support Saturday night, and removed from ICU yesterday. I hope everything keeps going well for him.

I've also decided to take my Etsy idea step further and wrote up a three page business plan. I've also been starting back up on working on a proper website. Yey! The wheel is slowly starting to turn. Much of it has to do with everyone's support. That's you guys! All the comments really light a fire under me. So thanks :o)


  1. Glad to hear you dad's friend is doing better. That was a frustratingly sad tale.

    I like seeing your old work. It's very different from your current but you can still tell its yours.

    Glad you are moving forward with your Etsy, I look forward to being one of the first to purchase.

    You thought about going to San Diego Comic-Con in July? I got you covered with a place to stay and keeping ya entertained in San Diego if you're interested.

  2. I love the painting- it kinda reminds me of those 14th Century Italian paintings with the beautiful halos.

  3. That halo does look like it's glowing, even just looking at the picture here on the blog. And it's cool to see the direction your art has taken, very amazing to see that blast from the past. I'm so proud of you for doing your Etsy business plan and I can't wait until your shop opens. Did you come up with an idea for a tee graphic yet?!!!?!?!?!?

  4. Albryno: I've been meaning to email you for a while now to catch up and will be doing so shortly. I may end up taking you up on that offer since I purchased tickets for last year's and didn't end up going!

    Nina: 14th-16th Century Italian art was an obsession of mine at the time. You are so on the ball!

    L.L.: Thanks! I Think the tees might end up being one of the first things for my website which I hope I can launch near the end of spring. I may just focus on prints and small pieces of artwork for ETSY which is my February goal. Hmmm.