Monday, December 21, 2009

Queen of procrastination. It is I.

Entangled 5" x 7"
(Experiment in color - ink on Aquabord.)
Finished? Or still in progress? - Not sure yet.
(I think it's done, but then, not really... hmmm.)

I must be the queen of procrastination. I really should open that Etsy shop I've I talked about going on forever now. The only reason is that I'm hoping that it might somehow help pay down the massive vet bill my cat's accumulated, even if it's just a little bit. Not only did he have a thyroid issue (in which meds only made him sicker), but he got a hold of a fern which caused him to be rushed to kitty ER. Plant recovery went great, but the thyroid treatment turned him into a mini Chernobyl so he's quarantined at the moment. I went to visit him today and I swear his radioactivity caused havoc with my cellphone. (Or maybe not. Maybe it was just my phone being wanky on its own.)

So yeah, queen of procrastination has to get her ass in gear. Boohoo me. Blog procrastination, email procrastination, makeanEtsystore procrastination. Where have my priorities gone to? I mean REALLLLY! You'd think an unemployed person like myself would be on top of that Etsy store like beans on a burrito... yeah (wait...beans in a burrito? No... wait... gahhhh!)

Prestoid's bill is in the thousands ($$$ $$$$ $$$$$.... HOLY CRAPCAKES Batman!) Etsy store may be a good something to try.

I think I'm just a big chicken. Big chicken to open the store. I think about things too much, my brain in overdrive. What should I sell?... what if no one buys anything?... OHhh the disappointment... I wouldn't be able to live with myself... woe is me... blablahblah.... oh how overdramatic. Do others have this problem?

eBay, on the other hand, has been treating me well. Go eBay! (themonopolyofonlineauctions! I didn't say that! andgiddycollectorofmonstrousfees!) Oh how I love thee at the moment!

Today I also decided I will not reread my (in progress) blog posts more than (an additional) 1 time before posting (I will try reallly reallllly hard). In the hopes that it will make me write more, because I feel much better after I do. Yes. Mhhmmm.

Okay then....

1 time. There I did it!


  1. Maybe you'd be more motivated if you had more purpose. You know, the thing you're supposed to be doing with your life. I've been reading a lot about blowing up the procrastination troll by going after your dreams.

    It's scary at first but it's a really good motivator and has helped me a lot. I don't know what you're supposed to be doing but you do have a flare for writing. At least your comments make me want to read more. Maybe you're supposed to be writing. Who knows. Good luck.

  2. Oh my goodness, I know how scary it is! :)I thought I would be mocked for my crappiness when I started my etsy shop. I couldn't believe it when things actually sold!

    The world is waiting for your beautiful art!!!! x

  3. yes open that Etsy shop!
    do it now that it's 2010!