Monday, November 30, 2009

Illustration Friday: Entangled

Entangled. The word made me think of hair. Lots of hair. Lots of hair in a snarly mess. My hair in a snarly mess. Hair. Hairhairhair. So I began with hair.

I sketched a form with hair flowing up and beyond, snaking into the branches of a tree, and then I stopped. Too literal.

Flipped to another blank page and got lost. This hair was not entangled. It was flowing smooth, in a breeze, over an ocean. A lost thought. A memory. An entanglement in a romance lost in time.

And it was just a tiny sketch. But now I see it in color. And color it must be.

Another piece to a growing pile.

Look at this, this could be entangled too!...

Trouble At Home
Ink on stained paper. 4"x6"

Detail. (I like this little dude.)

So this is my first official post for Illustration Friday. (Hi! I'm a newbie to this Friday thing.) But I actually created this second piece a few weeks ago for IF's unbalanced and never got a chance to post it (due to a stressful week with an extremely ill cat).

How fitting that something unbalanced can be entangled too.


  1. Hey lady, I loooved urs style of drawing, very good exactly!
    Do you really have the gift! rs Congratulations!

  2. great compositions!!!! that's so beautiful, lovely colors and nice lines

  3. I really like your illustration/graphic design hybrids. They're very cool. They have an Alphonse Mucha feel to them. Nice work.

  4. Hey everyone, thank you so much for the nice comments!

    Mark: It's interesting that you say that they are hybrids (esp. graphic design) since I worked in the graphic design field for 9 years. Very perceptive. :0)

  5. Hi Julita: Welcome to IF! It is fun and very rewarding to do and we welcome great work, good ideas and new keep em coming! Best regards, Q.