Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ain't it grand?

What a gate! Look at that star! And the anchor! Look at the light above!!! And that sign is not out of focus, that's gold leaf glinting in the sun! Woo!

Please ignore the trash bin beyond (the building is going through renovations). Beyond the bin is a canal (can't see it, just a gap). And beyond the canal is the building my studio is housed in.

It's quite the fortress (you need to pass through three doors using three separate keys).

Oh I love that chimney!

I have to remember to take more than one photo next time. What was I thinking? I must have been overwhelmed with the agonizing wait for the building manager to show up.

Ignore the gentleman to the right (that's my father, oops!).

I've passed this building many times, but from a slight distance. The gate always caught my attention, yet I never bothered to get a closer look. I lived in Chicopee up to about a little over a year ago and had an apartment within walking distance of this place, so it's odd that I never walked to there, since I went walking almost every night. But when I drove past this place, I would rubberneck (that gate), to the point where I wouldn't pay attention to where I was going. So it's odd that I would end up here, because things like this end up happening when I get fascinated with a certain building. It occurred quite a few times when I lived in Chicago. And other places I've been.

There's only one thing that makes me nervous. This place is cavernous and old. What if there are ghosts?! Some of you may scoff, but I've had more weird experiences than I can count on both of my hands, and probably toes. And some of those weren't the most pleasant of encounters. I'll just think good vibes.

So. I still need to pick up my freight key, and I will be there this weekend!

And I promise photos of the interior.

I promise (I really do).


  1. oh my god, i love old factory buildings and lived in quite a few of them when i was in providence. i'll have to post some pics soon. i can't wait to see the inside! are there lots of other artists in there?

  2. Wow! This place is amazing! It makes me want to draw just looking at it :)
    Good for you!
    As for ghosts- I'm sure you would have picked up a bad vibe if there was anything ikky hiding in there...
    Can't wait for more photos. Hurrah!

  3. Brad: Isn't it though? It makes me stop and do little dances when I think about it.

    m: I love buildings of this sort so much. I'm one of the first few artists in this part of the building since they've only begun construction on the studios recently, but are finishing up quickly. I'm sure the rest of the spaces will go fast since the price is amazing. If you've got friends in the area who are looking for something of this sort, spread the word. And once I'm all set up, if you're traveling through town, you are welcome to stop by!

    Patryk: Thanks! I can't wait for you to see it!

    Nina: Thanks! It makes me want to draw too. I've got all sorts of ideas of how I can incorporate this building's imagery into my work. As for ghosties, nothing on the intuitive radar yet.