Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Post number two today. Oh my!

This weekend I had lots of plans. But I did the unthinkable last Thursday, I chopped, ok, I sliced a chunk of my finger off with an Exacto knife. In the many, many years I have been using them, I have not cut myself once. So, I guess my time had come. Unfortunately, it was more than a wee cut. Imagine blood spurting everywhere like the Exorcist was coming to town. So my left index finger (thank goodness the left and not the right), is outta commission. And boy did my hand throb this weekend. No stitches were needed, only since in a state of panic, I ended up throwing the cut off chunk down the drain, only to scream "NOOOOOOO, I want the rest of my finger back!" The doc told me it would grow back. Yeah, with two additional fingernails and an eyeball attached. Hee!

But that did keep me indoors (in my grumpy state), and I was very artistically productive. A very complex drawing was completed for a painting, another drawing was finished and transfered for a small inking project, and various other things. And inspirational doodles (see below). Ok, so what began as a doodle turned into a face. Well, the truth is, after just painting for the past few weeks I got nervous and thought that maybe I lost my ability to draw. I'm so paranoid sometimes!


  1. Your face drawings rock. Do you do graphic novel work?

  2. Hey! Thanks for the sweet comment Sneezy! I wish I was doing graphic novel work. I'm only currently trying to get back into my art after not doing it for many years. Currently I do graphic design for publishers with some illustrative work. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

  3. I really like this face drawing :)