Thursday, September 18, 2008

The finger. . .

is awesome. Well, not quite fully, but it is growing back, I think. There is some numbness in the tip, and it feels strange when I touch it to something, but it could be because it's still healing? I may have phantom finger syndrome, also known as fantumus phingerus syndroma.

Sorry. Had to take a pause there.

On another note, here is a sneaky peeky at something that is so close to finished that I won't post the whole thing till it's done, since to do otherwise would be silly. Plus, I needed an excuse to talk about my finger.


  1. I love the teaser image. I can't wait for you to show the whole piece. I really love your style.

  2. It's hard to capture the real beauty of the piece without seeing it in person. Digital Photography can easily discard a lot of the brilliance of light (and motion).