Friday, April 11, 2008


Did I spell it correctly? 'Relatively' I mean? I was typing up something earlier today and tried using that word to no avail, thanks to nifty SPELLCHECK that reminded me that I was spelling it incorrectly.

It's going to be a very busy upcoming week. Tomorrow I was going to meet with my brother about the website. Need to check in with him quick since I just found out that he will be flying last-minute overseas on Tuesday. Which, of course, may mean that the meeting tomorrow may be canceled (which may be good, since it's a very, very long drive to Boston from south Conn. Yah! In the apparently upcoming rainstorm! Yah!)

Sunday: Tax appt. It'll go relatively quickly, with an ensuing shopping spree for a plum colored bathrobe (long story). Tuesday concert. Wed. . . there is something. Yikes! Dentist apptointment on Thursday. Friday is NYCC (New York Comic Con), and I get in extra early with my Super (with a capital S) VIP pass. Not for the comics, fantasy clad warriors, or bedazzling storm troopers. Only going to check a few booths and then hit the galleries to see what's new, head to friend kHyal's (with a capital H) for FiZz launch party. Saturday drop off the art (1.5 hour drive), check out galleries in area. Sunday sleep. Rest. Play with the cats.

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