Monday, March 17, 2008

No "bad" words.

Wow. I'm getting @%#! crazy here! I'm posting again!

When No Country for Old Men won an Oscar for Best Picture, I needed at least to see that in a theater. So, may someone please explain it to me? Why did it win Best Picture? And is there some secret hidden meaning I'm not getting?

Flipping through my sketch book, I see that I have many things that are unfinished. Have I ever finished anything?

I dunno. I can't remember.

How cool would it be if everyone had a soundtrack accompanying them, but as soon as they came into contact with another person, both would be adjusting to a singular score that carried the moment they were currently in.

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  1. ok, i know this is a really old post but i just wanted to say that i think your idea about everyone having a soundtrack and the soundtracks merging together is so inspirational to me at this particular time in my life...