Monday, March 17, 2008

How bad is her hair.

Hygienic group show in New London next month and I’m trying to complete a piece for it. Right now, I have two pieces to show, but this latest painting has been plowing along relatively well, so I’m hoping that I’ll have time to complete one more, for a total of three.

Since my move put everything on hold, I had to scramble to get an area to work in (thanks Jon!), and spent the weekend (wait! there was a weekend?) painting.

I had to overcome a creepy fear!

Since I mostly work in oils, I needed something I could work with faster. So here I am, sitting in front of the canvas, acrylics all laid out, and I start having a panic attack. The fear of using acrylics!! I couldn’t get a first brush stroke down. Went and lay down for a few hours because I couldn’t stomach working with acrylics. Past experiences (i.e. junior high art class) had me cursing the fast drying time and low-level of manipulation. I’ve worked with them since, but on a very, very small scale, so imagine how frightened I was.


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