Thursday, March 25, 2010

Illustration Friday: Expired

The sketch after it was scanned and the line-work darkened.
Ready for transfer to a larger surface.

Snapshot taken with my rinky-dink camera.

I figured I'd better post this now or it would never make it into this week's Illustration Friday. I haven't done an IF post in over three months (look at me talking like I've done sooo many of these when I've only done one before). Plus I figured that since I'm such an absentee blogger.... well, you get the gist.

I actually drew this for Expired thinking I would sketch it so small, and so simple, that I could complete and create a color version all in the span of a few days. Of course, I didn't consider my schedule of many, many other important things that I had to accomplish this week, nor the fact that my right shoulder was still trying to heal up and that any movement within the length of my arm, including the hand, would just set me back another day of being an invalid (more on this shoulder nonsense in another post since I know how much all of you enjoy hearing about my misfortunes).

Of course I fell into the same pit I always do. I started on a small, scrap-sized piece of paper. This not being adequate enough (I had no room to think for goodness sake!), I moved up to my medium sized 6" x 9" sketch book, making a huge jumbled mess of useless sketches. I then realized that I needed even more room to think, so I moved up another size to my 12" x 12" book. Gah!


And I still thought I could complete a stained and colored version (still disregarding the ever-all-important to-do list).

Well, I had to give in to the more important things. One has to be an adult sometimes - really - sometimes. (I mean, you can't be an adult all the time because then life would be really boring. How droll.)

I'm actually really excited about this sketch.... so many ideas for this running through my noggin. This was pretty dark stuff coming out of my head (so dark it was blinding! hehe ( ....ok... that was cheesy)).


  1. Nice! Me likey! Pushing the abstraction and becoming quite surreal!

  2. It's beautiful as a pencil sketch, can't wait to see the coloured final :)