Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's the world coming to?

Current piece in process.

So I found out yesterday that my fuzzy ninja, Preston (that's the kitty), has a thyroid disorder, which means he needs to go on meds and has to have bunches of tests and oodles of other medical procedures. To raise money for all this I decided that I'm going to sell some of my belongings. As I was prepping boxes for packing I realized I had no packing tape. I turned my studio upside down looking for some, making it an even bigger mess than it already was (and believe me, it is a mess, a big one). Oh, I found all sorts of tape; scotch tape, painter's tape, paper tape, electrical tape, masking tape, duct tape, but no packing tape. Nooooooo. Why would I have packing tape?! I mean really? Who really needs that stuff? (I'm being facetious here.) Seriously though, I should open a tape dispensary. So today I trekked to the pharmacy (a CVS) around the corner to get some of this elusive tape. I knew I'd get ripped off, but I couldn't bring myself to get in my car and drive to a Home Depot (not worth the gas). So there I am, standing in front the extremely limited choices, gaping at the prices and asking no one in particular "Are you serious?" $8.19 for one small roll (meaning it's not the large chunky roll), or, get this, 2 small non-chunky rolls (exactly the same as the other), packaged together for $8.99. Which one do you think I chose? It was a rip-off either way, but I figured for an extra 80 cents I really got the best of them. Take that you crummy CVS! So I go up to the counter to check out, and as the girl begins to ring everything up her cell phone rings. And guess what? She answers it and proceeds to have a conversation with the person on the other end. Do I need to say more? I mean really? Reeeeally? What is the world coming to?


  1. I'm so sorry that Preston is sick :(

    I love this piece of artwork. It is glorious :)

  2. Hey Nina! Thanks! I think Preston will pull through with some love and serious meds.