Sunday, March 29, 2009


Spring (in progress)
The doodle is on the left, and I'm
not quite sure where this is all going yet.

My bad for not posting over a week, but at times life takes over and things have to be put on hold. Between moving things to the studio, packing things at home, getting taxes done, adjusting to earlier hours at the day job, and various other nonsense (Hulu), I needed to step away from some things and blogging was one of them. Well, it wasn't a conscious choice, it just fell by the wayside. On the other hand, I somehow managed to find the time to paint and draw. I think the studio played a large part in that. I'd find myself driving home from work, having planned out my night in advance (plans for packing, cleaning, etc.), only to change direction midway and head to the studio, only even if it was for a few hours. Having that quiet space, away from everything is amazing. It allows me to just focus.

The Etsy store is going to be up within the next four weeks. I've figured out what I'd like to have there. There'll be some giclees, some small originals that I've started work on, and I'm also prepping a serigraph, though that may not be available at first since that is last on the list of items for the store. Getting the tax return within a week of filing is helping get this idea moving quicker. Yey! I also have to order packing materials... It's all very exciting. Woo! Toot toot!

There is so much going on, and so many ideas. I still need to get back to working on my website, and all these ideas for larger pieces. I wish I had more time available. But it's okay. It's a crazy ride, but exciting and fun, with lots of scary twists and turns.

Oh, and regarding, the last post, some of you guessed what I drank and some didn't. It was the old Pepsi from that previous weekend. It had been standing in the sun for days. Yum.

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  1. I'm so glad you have had that creative space lately. What beautiful results- I just LOOOVE this one. The colours are amazing.

    I can't wait for your Etsy store! exciting!!