Friday, August 29, 2008

Updates and all that good stuff.

So here is the piece that has been taking up some of my patience (see approximately ten posts back). I had the genius idea of completing it quickly so I decided that I would do it in acrylic for a show sometime a while back. Since I work mainly in oils (I only do very small things in acrylic) it's been nothing short of a headache. AND, obviously, it wasn't completed for the show–which wasn't a problem (I had a creative block at the time). So I took the advice of an "art adviser" who writes about art but I don't actually think he DOES art, that I shouldn't rush the painting, but finish it in my own good time so it'll be "exactly what I want". So that's what I'm doing. And then I'm going back to oils, and that's that (I think). Though, there is something to be said for the vibrancy of colour and the nice clean lines that acrylic provides. I've got about two or so more layers to go.

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